This course consists of five lecture sessions, five pool sessions, and four open water dives. We furnish the buoyancy control device, regulators, tanks, air, weights, and weight belt.  Also, SS-SCUBA supplies manual, log book, and all certification materials.  Mask, snorkel, fins and booties are not supplied.  These must be supplied by the student, since you will need them once the course is complete.  Any entrance fees for admission to divesite, will be incurred by the student.         We have certified 195 students to date.
This in-water, performance-based course includes two "core" dives; Underwater Navigation, and a Deep Dive, with three different "elective dives".  Book and Certification materials are included in the cost.           We have 26 students to date.
BOAT DIVER - $60.00
Boats allow you to explore many wonderful dive sites that are away from the shore.  This course covers the knowledge and techniques you will need to dive safely and properly from all types of boats.  You will learn how to enter and exit the water in all types of conditions, special equipment and storage used on boats.  We have certified 1 student to date.

DEEP DIVER - $125.00
Many of the more exciting dive sites are found in deeper water. In this class you will learn how to make an effective dive plan, recognizing and handling hazards, being prepared with backup gear, and enhancing your skills for deep diving.   We have certified 3 students to date.

Divers who use Nitrox can increase safety and extend their bottom time.  This speciality will help you to plan your dives and how to manage your exposure to nitrogen,  After the course you will be able to enjoy breathing up to 40% Nitrox on your following dives.   We have certified 45 students to date.

NIGHT DIVER - $100.00
Whether it is day or night. limited visibility can be an adventure.  If you want to be more comfortable in turbid water conditions, this class is for you.  Learn how to specialize your gear for night diving, what to do if you lose your buddy, and relocate your dive boat or shore at night.   We have certified 1 student to date.

WRECK DIVER - $125.00
This is one of the most exciting courses offered by PADI.  This speciality will teach you how to select and locate wreck sites, familiarize yourself with the equipment used for wreck dives, and help you plan and execute a safe and fun wreck dive.  We have certified student to date

Snorkeling - $20.00 
Snorkeling is an exciting activity that anyone of any age can enjoy with a minimum of equipment and training.  Snorkeling is more than just something you do on vacation.  Take advantage of the local lakes and rivers.  It is an exciting leisure time activity with limitless opportunities.  Contact us to help schedule your snorkel class.

Refresh Scuba Skills -$20.00
We all get a little rusty when we don't practice what we have learned.  This is the best way to regain important skills needed to dive safely and to make the most out of your diving adventure.  In this course you will watch the PADI refresher video, review the dive tables, and practice the basic underwater scuba skills in the pool.

RESCUE DIVER - $275.00
This course typically consists of one video and six lecture sessions, along with six open water dives where 12 skills are performed.  Books and certification materials are included in the cost. CPR certification is a prerequisite.      We have certified 8 students to date.
DIVEMASTER - $515.00  We have certified 3 students to date.

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